Glass apps that make you want to spend $1500!

Yes, the Google Glass is an extremely expensive technology for now. In fact, this, apart from many other reasons, has contributed towards developing a big friends as well as foes network for the glass community. However, I am sure once glass becomes a little cheaper and more available to the general public, it will become as indispensible as a smart phone.

But as we all know, a device is only as exciting as the apps that it has, Google Glass app development is set to shake the world as we know it with the help of some crazy cool apps made by some reputed Glass apps development company.

Let’s look at these apps that would melt your heart and convince you to spend $1500 for this amazing little piece of modern technology.

Find my stuff

We all do this. We keep our keys and wallets in weird places wherever we go and forget where we kept it. I mean, I am so guilty of doing this because I have had some really bad experiences. I mean I even thought I had locked myself out and broke into my own house and had a whole lot of expenditure in getting a locksmith to change the entire lock system of my house, only to find that I had kept my keys under the flower pot and forgotten.

This new app for the glass simply requires you to say, “okay glass, remember where I put my keys (or whatever objects in question)”. Then when you need to retrieve it, say, “Okay glass, where did is put my keys (or whatever object in question)”.

It will record and remember where you put your stuff and then show it to you when you need it. This app is almost like an answer to my prayers! Kudos! Any Glass application development company would be proud to make this app.

Make a meme

The world is too dry these days. Everyone needs a laugh. The meme generator will help you give out fun laughs to people whenever you come across something funny. Yes, this app is designed such that if you come across something interesting or humorous, all you need to do is say, “okay glass, and create a meme”.

So without having to touch your keyboard or click a picture and retrieve it later, you can instantly create memes by just giving a series of voice commands to your Glass. It will allow you to click a picture and then add a caption to it. Cheers to the glass apps development company that thought of making this app!

You can also instantly share the meme across various social networks. This app can be your next step to internet fame! Of course, the wit has to be yours alone!

Word Lens

If you are a frequent traveler, you will love this app. This app essentially converts written text to one in a choice of your own language. That means you can be travelling to just about any place (so long as Google knows that place exists) and then read a menu in your own language. This app works off line and gives real time feedback which makes it incredibly easy. Read road signs, accomplish business deals or eat a hearty exotic meal with this app turned on, on your Google Glass! Real good work by the glass application development company that made it!

Glass Application Development Company

In a world where the Google Glass has claimed its position at the front seat, entrepreneurs have begun their search for identifying the right Glass application development company. The Google glass is a unique and futuristic piece of technology that opens many various opportunities for entrepreneurs and small or medium sized business owners.

How is Glass app development useful for any company?

Glass app development is all about tapping the potential of the vast community that is to use the Google Glass in the coming times. Although the technology is very new at this juncture and it would not be wrong to say that not many users have their hands in it just yet. However, like any technology so amazing, it will sell out like hot cakes.

As more and more people buy the Google Glass once it is rolled out in the open market this year, you will find that the level of competition in the Glassware world too has increased. Entering this race right now will give you the undue advantage any business needs to increase their profitability and effective recognition in the market.

Looking for a Glass application development company

Considering its popularity and high potential, many companies that are already doing well in mobile app development sector have taken the plunge in the development of apps for this amazing gadget. This is because, they have the resources to purchase and conduct research on the prototype of the glass.

In case you are looking for a Glass application development company to develop an app for you, keep the following things in mind:

1. Check the company’s background: it is important that you find out if the company is a reputed one or not. Check all about their history with other clients and the final work that exists online.
2. Do not be fooled by claims of experience: Any company that claims to have experience in developing Glass apps is lying. Glass itself is very new so no one can have an experience f a decade in it. Look for companies who have hands on experience on the device itself, even if it is a few months or appreciably a whole year.
3. Speak to them before finalising: the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make while outsourcing a company for any task is to see their website and finalise them. Don’t make that mistake. Choose a company only after you have spoken to the developers personally. That way you will be in a better position to judge their mettle.
4. Trust the professionals: before taking any big step in the digital world, you must get some advice from the professionals. Call eSiteworld experts at +1-858-427-0668 to find out the things that are important for hiring and get the right resource for yourself.

What kind of app should you make?

Essentially any app that reflects your core business should be able to help you. You must spend some time in researching the kind of apps that are already available for the Google Glass. Then get inspired and think of a genuine and original app that can encourage people to buy from you. You can make an online shopping app, a business card app or even a utility app, but remember to focus on your products and services in some way or another.

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